Scott Sandford

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About me and my studio

I’m a British-Canadian visual artist living in Bath, UK, and I recently graduated with my Masters in Fine Art from Bath School of Art and Design.  

Mostly, I work with abstract still and moving images and respond to the contextual conditions of specific times and places. The light, geometry and technology of the urban environment are rich sources of inspiration and exploration for me. So too are the feelings of dislocation and alienation that permeate our modern, hyper-connected, image-based society.

I hope to make work that arrests the viewer long enough to stimulate a consideration of their own journeys of how they come to know what they know.

Before I was studying to be an artist, I worked as a cinematographer for film and TV and before that I worked as a fashion photographer in London.

I have a number of large format printers that I use to produce my collectable fine art work. In addition to the work I make in an art context: I also customise my work and make it available for design projects and commissions.

I also have a degree in Computer Science from Dartmouth College, USA; played professional soccer in Toronto, Canada; qualified as a Board Certified Associate Behaviour Analyst; and love cricket, skiing and snowboarding.  There are about 100 more things I’ve done with my life, but those are the highlights.