About This Project

This work is my first exploration into how far I can push the boundary of output from the photographic process and still stay within it.  I propose that this is a photograph.

Although it presents more like a sculpture because it is not on the wall and appears to be somewhat three-dimensional when viewed, I would argue that this is still a photograph, as it was printed and framed – only in such a way that it could stand on its side.

It appears three-dimensional, but that is an illusion, at least in as much as there are no parts of the image that exist as three dimensional objects.  The image itself does not have contours, it is only the perception of depth due to the stacking of the images upon one another that gives the illusion of three-dimensionality.  I would argue that this photograph is no more three-dimensional than a landscape photograph that uses perspective to appear three-dimensional.

Whatever the label, it stands on its own as an abstract object that is borne from the photographic process and uses light as both a subject and material.

Structural Abscission Series

This is another work in my Structural Abscission series of photographs.  Structural Abscission is my method of taking abstract photographs of the urban environment that cuts out, pulls away or abscises the context surrounding the subject and hopefully captures the subliminal, emotional or philosophical impact of the fabric of the city on the viewer.