Photography, Structural Abscission, Work
About This Project

This photograph taken in Geneva is the first successful attempt I made at turning my lens away from the objects and structure which is illuminated by light and towards the artificial lights themselves as a subject.  I as part of my practice, I like to consider the impact of technology on our daily lives – but much of that technology is considered in the context of the “newest and cleverest” technology, like smartphones and nano-bots.  However, there is plenty of technology, older technology, that surrounds us everyday that has been shifted, taken for granted, to the subliminal archive of the unnoticed.  Light fixtures themselves are part of this trend – but, though their illumination of the geometry of the city, create a profound effect on our emotional state and our ability to make sense of the concrete, glass and metal jungle that surrounds us.

Structural Abscission Series

This is another work in my Structural Abscission series of photographs.  Structural Abscission is my method of taking abstract photographs of the urban environment that cuts out, pulls away or abscises the context surrounding the subject and hopefully captures the subliminal, emotional or philosophical impact of the fabric of the city on the viewer.