Photography, Structural Abscission, Work
PEK, Photography, Structural Abscission
About This Project

As I consider the effects of technology and geometry in modern society I am mindful of the tendency towards individualism and isolation.  We are pushed towards isolation in ever-increasing pressures to connect with people who share our interests but not our environment.  The danger is that whilst we may be creating connections and harmony with distant others, we do so at the expense of finding harmony with those around us.  This work comes from the exploration of the Daoist notion of the holistic cosmos and the inseparability of the one from the many.  In order to keep balance in the cosmos, we must all find our way to work in harmony with those around us.

Structural Abscission Series

This is another work in my Structural Abscission series of photographs.  Structural Abscission is my method of taking abstract photographs of the urban environment that cuts out, pulls away or abscises the context surrounding the subject and hopefully captures the subliminal, emotional or philosophical impact of the fabric of the city on the viewer.